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About Us

Welcome to my shop.  My name is Michelle and I am a mother of 5 beautiful children.  I'm also a New York City public school teacher.  Luxies Jewelry started as a handmade business for babies and toddlers.  My baby girl was the original inspiration behind this shop.  I created beautiful, gold filled beaded jewelry for babies to wear.  It was a wonderful way for me to connect with other mothers.  Seeing their babies and toddlers wear my jewelry brought me so much joy.  However, I felt the need to uplift women and help them feel beautiful and because of this, I decided to make and curate jewelry exclusively for women.

I enjoy wearing minimal, dainty pieces that are timeless.  Gold filled jewelry has become my latest obsession because of its durability and longevity  and affordability.  I feel beautiful and empowered when I wear my jewelry and my mission is to help women feel the same.